Strategic framework of the LIFE NAdapta Project.

The HCCN-KLINa Roadmap on Climate Change responds to the need to approve and implement a comprehensive and cross-cutting environmental strategy in Navarre.

It addresses the commitments made by Navarre with regard to Climate Change and assumes, among others, the international objectives of the European Union Strategy, the Paris Agreement (COP21), the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and promotes the transition to a low-emission economy and towards a sustainable and resilient territory. To this end, it establishes objectives for the mitigation of GHG emissions and adaptation to Climate Change and defines lines of action and measures.

The LIFE NAdapta project is part of KLINa, with the development of adaptation actions in different sectors. The project also promotes the implementation of all the actions of the HCCN-KLINa through its complementary measures.

KLINa Roadmap

* Approved by Government of Navarre on the 24th January 2018.

KLINa memories 

*2018 and 2019-2020

FORAL LAW 4/2022 (Adapted reading) 

*Carried out by the ANFAS association, commissioned by the Environment General Directorate.

FORAL LAW 4/2022 

*Approved by Parliament of Navarra on the 19th April 2022.