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Presented municipal emissions inventories for the reference year within the framework of the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy.


This morning, a session has been held to present the greenhouse gas emissions (GGE) inventories for the reference year (2005) of Navarrese councils. It is a requirement of the Covenat of Mayors for Climate and Energy´s methodology, and it will the baseline to calculate the GGE reduction of, at least, a 40% by 2030 to which the 159 councils adhered to this iniative have committed to . ...

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Pamplona would have a Mediterranean climate by mid-century, similar to Extremadura or Andalucia, due to climate change


The Council of Pamplona has presented its energy, climate change vulnerability and risks analysis as part of its Strategy for Energy Transition and Climate Change 2030. This analysis remarks an increase of risks for the citizens´ health and the city as the change involving an increase in temperatures and heavy rain is intensified. This will affect the city´s climate and landscape, which are...

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KLINA BERRI 07 November


Available the newsletter KLINA BERRI 07 with news about climate change and energy transition of November, elaborated by the Government of Navarra and GAN-NIK.

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Gardens to prevent floods, the new project from the Government of Navarra starts working in the UPNA´s Tudela campus


Gardens that can prevent floods. That is how the new sustainable urban drainage system, implemented by the Government of Navarra in the UPNA´s Tudela campus through the public society NILSA, is presented. The system was installed in three areas of the campus´ car parking and, in appearance, it looks like a garden. The sustainable urban drainage system operates imitating nature´s...

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LIFE NAdapta takes part in the LIFE World Cafe, held within the European Week of Regions and Cities


This World Cafe, organised within the 18th European Week of Regions and Cities and held on the 20th October, aimed to present and discuss so-called LIFE integrated projects as a very effective tool for coordinating funding and accelerating the implementation of multiple kinds of environmental plans and strategies ( agenda ). LIFE NAdapta took part as a guest with other LIFE Integrated projects...

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