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Objetive of the LIFE NAdapta project

The main objective of the LIFE16 IPC/ES/000001 - LIFE-IP NAdapta-CC project is to increase resilience to climate change in Navarre through intersectoriality, long-term sustainability, participation and networking, contributing to the implementation of all the actions included in the HCCN-KLINa roadmap for the fight against climate change.

The project aims to integrate the different sectoral policies, so that the fight against climate change is incorporated into their action programs and development. It is therefore a regional strategy that allows progress to be made in the different sectors in a coordinated manner.



(LIFE Funding: 9,339,055 €)



2/10/2017 - 31/12/2025

Areas of activity:

Climate change monitoring, adaptative management of agricultura and livestock, water, forestry, health, and infrastructure and landscape.

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Partners of LIFE NAdapta project


Government of Navarre

Department of Rural Development and Environment. Coordinates the project. Develops the actions of the Forestry area, and participates to some actions of the Water area.

Institute of Public and Labour Health of Navarre. Responsible of the Health area.

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GAN-NIK. Environmental management of Navarre (regional public agency)

In charge of different actions in the areas of Water (flood protection) and Forestry.

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INTIA. Agri-food Technology and Infrastructures (regional public agency)

Responsible of the Agriculture and Livestock area.

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NASUVINSA. Navarre Land and Housing (regional public agency)

Responsible of the areas of Infrastructures and Territorial Planning, and Climate Change Monitoring

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NILSA. Navarre Local Infrastructures (regional public agency)

Develops actions in the Water area related to wastewater treatment plants, and sustainable urban drainage systems. The partner also takes part to the Agriculture area in the field of soils.

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UPNA. Public University of Navarra.

In charge of actions in the area of Agriculture related to soils.

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Coordination team

Project Coordinator

Delia Sola Jiménez

LIFE Programme

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