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What´s LIFE NAdapta?

Climate Change is a unequivocal reality and constitutes one of the greatest environmental challenges for Humanity. Project LIFE-IP NAdapta-CC is an integrated strategy for Climate Change Adaptation in a region, Navarra, and is part of Navarra´s contribution to the international commitment against Climate Change. 

LIFE NAdapta project intends to foresee changes that may occur through the development of adaptation measures that will both limit the negative effects resulting from those changes and take advantage of the positive ones, whenever possible. These early and well planned adaptation measures will guarantee a brighter future and prevent economic loses.


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LIFE NAdapta takes part in the LIFE World Cafe, held within the European Week of Regions and Cities


This World Cafe, organised within the 18th European Week of Regions and Cities and held on the 20th October, aimed to present and discuss so-called LIFE integrated projects as a very effective tool for coordinating funding and accelerating the implementation of multiple kinds of environmental plans and strategies. LIFE NAdapta took part as a guest with other LIFE Integrated projects and shared...

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Now, you can read the climate change and energy transition news differenciated by geographic scope for the April-September 2020 period...

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KLINA BERRI 05 September


Available the September " KLINA BERRI 05 " newsletter containing the latest news about climate change and energy transition.

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Navarra is... green


The EU Green Deal, launched in 2020, reinforces the commitment towards a more sustainable economy. The publication  "Navarra is... green" , produced by the Delegation of the Government of Navarra in Brussels, presents the Navarra climate change roadmap that will guide the region towards a new energy model and a sustainable society by 2050. In the framework of this strategy, Navarra leads...

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