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Climate Change is a unequivocal reality and constitutes one of the greatest environmental challenges for Humanity. Project LIFE-IP NAdapta-CC is an integrated strategy for Climate Change Adaptation in a region, Navarra, and is part of Navarra´s contribution to the international commitment against Climate Change. 

LIFE NAdapta project intends to foresee changes that may occur through the development of adaptation measures that will both limit the negative effects resulting from those changes and take advantage of the positive ones, whenever possible. These early and well planned adaptation measures will guarantee a brighter future and prevent economic loses.


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Tras 3 años de proyecto, queremos presentaros los resultados de las medidas de adaptación desarrolladas en áreas clave de Navarra a través de varias sesiones online organizadas para el próximo mes de marzo ( PROGRAMA ). Puedes inscribirte en las sesiones de tu interés en los siguientes enlaces. Al clicar en cada sesión, se te redigirá a la plataforma Webex donde deberás rellenar el...

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Talk THE RESILIENT CITY AGAINST CLIMATE CHANGE: Mitigation examples in Europe and climate scenarios for Pamplona


Talk organised by the Council of Pamplona. The current health crisis is closely linked to the global environmental crisis, in which climate change is the biggest and most urgent challenge we face. What examples do we find in other European cities to mitigate climate change? What scenarios are foreseen for Pamplona? Javier Zardoya Illana currently works in the Energy Agency of the...

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Navarra will measure climate change through two viewers that will monitor climate variability


The Regional Minister for Rural Development and Environment, Itziar Gomez, presented this morning the new tools to monitor climate change incidence in the Region of Navarra. The viewers of the European Project LIFE NAdapta and KLINa, the Climate Change Roadmap of Navarra, will allow monitoring the evolution of climate parameters, compliance with greenhouse gas emissions targets and adaptive...

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