Política de cookies

Cookies policy

Below, we offer detailed information on the types of cookies used in lifenadapta.es:

Cookies are a tool used by Web servers to keep and recover information about their visitors, allowing us to identify you during your online visit to Egarsat. It is a unique identifier in the form of a text file, that some servers send to the user´s device, enabling to improve the website´s quality and security. You must take into account that cookies can´t damage your equipment, and, furthermore, the fact that they are activated helps us to identify and solver errors. They have an expiration date that can range from the session´s duration to a specified future date, from which they stop being operative.

  • Analytical cookies: they are those that have a periodic maintenance purpose, guaranteeing the best possible service to the users and compiling activity´s statistical data.
  • Strictly necessary cookies: those that enable a correct navigation, allowing to carry out payments for goods and services asked by the user, or cookies for ensuring that the web content is correctly loaded.
  • Third party cookies: those used by social networks or external content complements. Enable the user to provide   information from our web to other websites.

We will proceed, through the following table and in a schematic way, to inform about the previously described cookies used in the web site lifenadapta.es:

COOKIES USED in lifenadapta.es
COOKIE_SUPPORT Checks if your browser supports cookies.
JSESSIONID Checks if your browser supports cookies.
LFR_SESSION_STATE_20119 Contains the user´s ID in Liferay platform.
cookieDisclaimer Checks if the user has accepted cookies.

If you wish to revoke your previously given consent content, you can do so at any moment clicking  here and all the cookies will be deleted. If you wish to deny consent for cookies installation, you can do so clicking  here.


How to modify cookies configuration

You can restrict, block or delete agarsat.es or any other website cookies using your browser. In each browser, operative is different, “Help” function will display how to do it.

In addition, you can also manage cookies storage in your browser through tools such as: