AGORA KLINa. Participative forum


AGORA KLINa is a participative forum composed of those entities and citizens who are interested in being informed about the latest Climate Change news in Navarra, being aware of its effects, as well as in taking part in the development of initiatives against Climate Change. The multi-stakeholders platform also includes experts invited for their knowledge in Climate Change-related topics.

AGORA KLINa has a consultive and participative nature. Its proposals and agreements will be taken into consideration, although they won´t be binding.

It is initially structured in 8 working groups according to the Climate Change Roadmap (KLINa) and project LIFE NAdapta, which will be monitored: Local Action, Energy, Mobility, Agriculture and Livestock, Forestry, Health, Water and Urban Regeneration.

Further information about AGORA KLINa can be obtained from this brochure.

How to be part of AGORA KLINa?

All economic and social sectors are welcome to join AGORA KLINA. To do so, each entitiy can fill in this form and name as many representatives as working groups in which they wish to register.


Coordinator: Rafa Alday.
AGORA Klina team:

Bloque Botones Agora KLINa

AGORA KLINa launching session 25/04/2018.