AGORA KLINa. The participation forum

AGORA KLINa. The participation forum

What is AGORA KLINa?

AGORA KLINa is a forum for participation with all entities and people in Navarre who are interested in being informed about the current situation of climate change in Navarre, being aware of its effects and participating in the implementation of climate change initiatives. Experts invited for their knowledge on climate change-related issues also form part of the platform.

AGORA KLINa has a consultative and participatory character. Its proposals and agreements will be taken into consideration but will not be binding.

It is initially structured in 8 working groups according to the structure of the Climate Change Roadmap of Navarre (CCRN-KLINa) and the LIFE-IP NAdapta-CC project, which will be followed up: Local Action, Energy, Mobility, Agriculture, Forestry, Health, Water and Urban Regeneration.

You can consult this brochure for more information on AGORA KLINa.

How can you join AGORA KLINa?

All economic and social sectors are invited to join AGORA KLINa. To do so, each entity can fill in this form and appoint as many representatives as the number of working groups to which it belongs. 


Coordinator: LIFE-IP NAdapta-CC.

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