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INTIA presents the Pests Warning Station to the students of the course for integration into the agrarian business


On August 29th and 30th, 2019, Carmen Goñi from INTIA presented the features of the Pest and Disease Warning Station that is being developed within the framework of the LIFE NAdapta project, which was attended by 30 young farmers. The course organized by INTIA is carried out in the towns of Olite and Villava. The Warning Station is the tool that, within the climate change adaptation objectives...

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Public presentation of a web informing about energy consumption of Government of Navarra´s buildings


Acting Economic Development vicepresident, Manu Ayerdi, presented this last Thursday the Energy Portal that will collect in a web through infographies and accesible to the public, detailed consumption data of the public buildings of Navarra with the objectives, among others, of knowing and quantifying mangement and results of measures adopted in relation to energy efficiency, climate change...

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Attendance of LIFE NAdapta at UPV/EHU 2019 summer course. Climate change and circular economy


LURSAREA technicians involved in project LIFE NAdapta took part in the UPV/EHU Summer Course. Its objective was to present the perspectives on the challenge for the transition towards a circular economy that will allow making the most out of available resources, transforming the current waste on raw materials or energy to replace and save fuel fossils consumption. The goal is to progress...

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UPV Summer Course “Transformation, Adaptation and Mitigation for a 1.5 degree Global Warming”


NASUVINSA technicians involved in LIFE NAdapta project attended at the summer course organised by the University of the Basque Country and held in Bilbao on the 10th, 11th and 12th July 2019, entitled “Transformation, Adaptation and Mitigation for a 1.5 degree Global Warming”. This course addressed climate change strategies in cities, tools selection and design and application of accelerated...

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