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Participation of the LIFE NAdapta Project during the Symposium “Adapting forests to climate change: methods, tools, and projects"


The International simposium “Adapting forests to climate change: methods, tools, and projects", organized by Life FORECCAsT Project took place in Toulouse on 19-20th November 2019. The event gathered professionals, forest managers, scientists and experts on the adaptation of forest systems to climate change. During the two days, the current situation of those ecosystems, their future...

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LIFE NAdapta takes part in the 3rd International Colloquium of climate change in mountainous regions OPCC2


Different project partners of the project LIFE NAdapta, such as NASUVINSA, GAN and Government of Navarra, took part in the 3rd International Colloquium of climate change on mountainous regions OPCC2 2019 held in Jaca by the Pyrenaic Climate Change Observatory (OPCC) on the 22nd and 23rd October 2019. Different projects that study climate change effects in the Pyrenees were presented during the...

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LIFE-IP-NAdapta-CC project, a GIS-based approach


Ion Sola, NASUVINSA technician who works in LIFE NAdapta project, gave a talk entitled “Project LIFE-IP NAdapta-CC, an approach from geographical information” to the students of the Master Degree in Geographical Information Systems and Teledetection (MUSIGT) of the Public University of Navarra (UPNA), focused on the climate change effects monitoring in Navarra from an approach based on...

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INTIA organizes a conference about Organic Fertilizer in Corn in Artajona


During September 25th, 2019, INTIA organized a Conference on organic fertilization in corn in Artajona (Navarra). During that day, the trials that are being carried out in the framework of the LIFE Nadapta project were visited in the field, where the following organic fertilizers had been applied: Pork slurry, Compost Ecofert, digested Biomendi, Fango Nilsa, Compost Nilsa. More than 30...

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