Acción C6.7


Pilot project to adapt the public equipment to Climate Change.

Demonstrative action for the application of the intervention protocol in action C6.3 Adaptation of public built heritage to Climate Change, which will allow the methodology to be contrasted and promote its replication, focused on the case of Energy Communities.

Given the growing interest in energy communities, and the need to promote them at a strategic level in Navarre, Spain and Europe, it has been considered opportune and coherent to associate such an initiative with LIFE-IP NAdapta-CC, and give it a boost through this action C.6.7. Thus, buildings and public spaces are used as a stage to achieve this common challenge of adaptation and mitigation of CC through social innovation

Buildings and public spaces will be adapted offering an additional service to citizens and boosting the public-private collaboration, managing to mobilize and sensitize the public in the fight against the CC. It is also a perfectly replicable case of social innovation in favor of the fight against CC (action E.3 of the project) and that can be the point of origin for new projects and new opportunities (action C.7.2).

Through the deliverable C6.7.1 on Benchmarking of energy communities, different examples of energy communities in Spain are studied, identifying the main characteristics of each one and the difficulties encountered. Communities established in our own country have been chosen as they are within the same state regulatory framework, since the transposition of European directives is carried out differently in each country. In addition, in Spain specifically there may even be different regulatory developments depending on the autonomous community in which the energy communities are registered.

Through the deliverable C6.7.2, a legal Guide for the setting-up of an energy community in Navarre is presented, which identifies the steps required for the development of an energy community in Navarre: from its creation under a certain legal form, to the actions that the energy community can develop to present its own services and administrative procedures. It includes a model of legal statutes of an energy community with the legal form of a cooperative to serve as a guide for future energy communities that may be established in Navarre.

For further information about the technical Project of the Garraldargi energy community: and its Feasibility

Analysis: (Technical Manager of the development of the action in Nasuvinsa).



Benchmarking study of energy communities


Legal Guide to constitute an energy community in Navarre



Informe de Actuaciones en materia energética realizadas en los edificios de Gobierno de Navarra durante el periodo 2016-2022